Rainbow Circle

"We reflect the light of each other to shine brighter together"

Rainbow Circle is a vehicle for sharing wisdom in a way that brings humanity back into balance with nature and fosters a collective vision that fulfills our hearts' desires. Building a regenerative world happens one action at a time, and the Rainbow Circle is here to support you on your journey.

The Rainbow Circle is also an education platform designed to support a Unitive Age that can foster a thriving regenerative culture for the good of the whole. You can learn more about the new story of the emerging Unitive Age at unitivenarrative.org.

The Rainbow Circle education platform is a heart-based, mental, digital semantic network representing all possible nodes/data points and illustrating the relationship between them through nested circles in a database. Through this design, the Rainbow Circle holds a coherent field to synergize connections with yourself as well as

between people and organizations, so we all have the wisdom and resources we need to succeed! 

By contemplating the 12 major domains of the Rainbow Circle, we can internalize and resonate with the qualities and understandings that reveal our role in the whole and empower us to embody our greatest selves.

The Rainbow Circle is like a fractal, wherein each of the 12 domains above has its own set of 12 subdomains. 

Likewise, there are 12 keywords for each domain as well for a total of 144 sub-keywords/nodes. Each node of the network acts as an attractor field to aggregate data points with shared characteristics within its cluster.

To categorize any word in its corresponding domain, the Rainbow Circle employs the characteristics of well-known archetypes that form clusters of words/concepts. 

The archetypal organizational structure contains a universally understood system for people to explore the qualities as well as the areas of their lives. From this perspective, I invoke the power of imagination and mythos as the fertile ground to create meaningful content.

The principle of polarity is one more major factor that goes into categorizing any word into one of the nodes of the circle.

Imagine each node being organized on a spectrum of sameness and difference, or in other words synonyms and antonyms.

For example, "Communication," can be envisioned as node with a "positive" core and a "negative" shell wherein the closest synonyms would be near the center and the antonyms with the greatest difference would be the furthest away toward the edge of the shell.

So going back to the wisdom web (semantic sphere), we can hover over domain 3 and see its 12 keywords. 

From here we can click on "Communication" and see the subdomain featuring all the other circles related to communication. Note that the small orange circle reminds us that these circles belong to the larger circle of the entire third domain.

You can also see that the circle for "communication" has an image at its center that helps to identify it. If we click on that circle, it will give us an expanded view where we can then actually begin to experience the knowledge and wisdom of this circle for ourselves.

Part of the wisdom of the Rainbow Circle itself is that the archetypal characteristics of each domain helps us to inform how we process the various aspects of a keyword/idea. For example, the "beginning" of every circle is at the 12 o'clock position: the red domain which is the area of the first house and also has characteristics of beginnings and emergence. So from a logical perspective, it makes sense that the "Source/Sender" of a message would be put into this domain. The different aspects/components of communications could then be considered in a clockwise manner. However, the circle also afford a non-linear perspective and allows the viewer to connect words/concepts across the circle to consider how they relate.For example, by considering the connections "culture" (Domain 11) and "emotional content" (Domain 4), a communicator could learn how to use a symbol or words that emotionally resonate with a certain culture that would not necessarily have that effect in a different culture.

As the Rainbow Circle becomes a digital platform, it will be able to store more advanced circles that are built out to answer specific questions. The search bar would return results that are the closest matches to the questions asked. 

For example, if you asked, "How do I strengthen my immune system," the Rainbow Circle would pick up on the phrase "Strengthen Immune System" and present that circle as the top search result. On the backend, each word has a numerical identifier, so "strengthen" and "immune system" would be added together to form circle 117-136.6. Then when you click on the "Exercise" domain, you would get 12 different types of immune-boosting exercises to suit the 12 archetypal personalities. So for a Domain 7 type (Libra - Air Sign), a Wim Hof breathing exercise would be corresponding option. Given that each circle has a number, you can envision them all existing together within a digital space or the noosphere: our collective mind where ideas can sprout roots and go on to grow real in reality!

Whole systems have been corresponded into the Rainbow Circle such as the I Ching, Gene Keys, Tarot etc. as data points to further emphasize the coherence and personality of each node. Additionally, animals, songs, ancient lanaguages have been

corresponded to the 144 keywords as well so people can better understanding the archtypal forces at play and how they interact with each other. Not only does this structure allow for dynamic sense-making in decision-making but it allows people to act from the space of wholistic thinking/being with the big picture in heart and mind!

Walking down the street one day, I saw this mural and was reminded of the work I feel called to bring into this world!

From the perspective of the Rainbow Circle, each of us is a circle within the great circle of the Whole as billions of holons on the larger holon of Earth. Each day, we are coherently embodying the form that can harmonize or harm the whole. The Rainbow Circle provides wisdom teaching to in-form people to shine their unique colors to achieve that greater harmony together. We can affirm life in every breath, though, feeling, word and action.

Just like Joseph Campbell's circular hero's journey and monomyth, the Rainbow Circle is a monomeme capable of sharing any knowledge/wisdom from a minimum of 12 perspectives!

The circle also teaches us so much about where we stand in relation to the circle of life and how to flow in the greater rhythm rather than forcing trying to force the world to conform to our will. By learning about the cycles of life, relationships, love, connection, creative expression, grow and purpose, we can find our role in the whole and embody the life-affirming wisdom teachings that regenerate the Earth and all her beings!

Watch the video below for a more in depth look at the Rainbow Circle: